Research organization

Our researchs aim at preserve tropical forests in the context of ecological crisis, increased pressure on resources and requirement for equity towards the Southern people who aspire to have the benefits of economic development. For this, the unit is organized into three research teams.

  • Resilience of tropical forest ecosystems facing exploitation and global changes

    The canopy is particularly rich in biodiversity - Ghana © Cirad, D. Louppe
    Tropical forest ecosystems are in the centre of the big global changes. But they also represent an important challenge to the development because of their potential to produce goods and services essential to our societies. Tropical forests are the richest reservoirs of biodiversity and terrestrial carbon.
  • Relations between ecosystem resilience and vulnerability of regarding societies

    Fruits harvesting of Canarium- Cameroun © Cirad, R. Peltier
    This research team is studying the rules, practices, habits, knowledge and representations regarding forests, but also the dynamics between cooperation and competition as well as building social capital.
  • Tropical forests: what policies and instruments of public action, from global to local ?

    © Cirad, D. Louppe
    The team analyzes and evaluates new configurations of public action on tropical forests. This ​research domain is increasingly marked by stakes linked to global changes, but it is added on national policies and local practices who are often governed by other logic and interests.
  • Transversal themes

    Adansonia rubrostipa baobabs - Madagascar © Cirad, C. Cornu
    Some questions can only be processed at the interface between our three research domains. They need to develop transversal research activities that mobilize all unit researchers. Furthermore, some skills are also essential in the three research teams: IT, database management, mapping and geographic information systems (GIS).

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