Teaching and training

The strengthening of the capacities of southern researchers partners are a priority for the unit members. However, the training of young researchers in the North as in the South are not neglected.

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  • PhD training

    © Cirad, P. Sist
    The unit provides permanently the supervision or the co-supervision of theses, abroad and in France, where the unit is associated with two PhD schools: ABIES (Agriculture, food, biology, environment and health) and SIBAGHE (integrated biology system, agronomy, Geoscience, hydrosciences and environment).
  • Teaching

    © Cirad, D. Louppe
    In France or abroad, several unit members are directly involved in teaching or supervising work placement
  • Vocational training

    Workshop in the Central African Republic © Cirad, D. Louppe
    The unit members organize and participate in workshops training or capacity-building for southern partners in Montpellier or abroad.

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