Publications and communication

Find all the scientific publications and other online resources from members of the unit.

  • The scientific publications

    African corkwood tree(or umbrella tree) © Cirad, C. Doumenge
    The latest articles of the members of the unit "The Tropical Forest Goods and Ecosystem Services" referenced in the Cirad database.
  • Perspectives (policy briefs)

    "Perspective" is a series of policy briefs created by CIRAD to nurrish debates, develop ideas, help to decision. Are presented here issues associated with forest and prepared by the UPR BSEF.

  • The tropical woods and forests

    Bois et forêts des tropiques N°305 © Cirad
    Edited by the Cirad and hosted by the unit, the magazine Bois et forêts des tropiques is entirely dedicated to the sciences and techniques of forestry in warm region. There are quarterly news from many disciplines at the interface of research and development.
  • The Books

    Consideration of biodiversity in forest concessions in Central Africa (cover)
    A selection of some books from unit members.
  • Online Resources

     Firewood © Cirad, R. Peltier
    A selection of online resources produced by unit scientists and their partners. They are classified by themes.

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